Robotics and Automation

Novanta offers highly precise and reliable solutions for the world’s most complex motion control applications. Miniature precision optical encoders, robust inductive encoders, energy efficient motors, high-performance servo drives, high-speed air bearing spindles and intelligent end-of-arm technology systems enable medical and advanced industrial OEMs to achieve new levels of precision, reliability, size, safety, quality, and efficiency.


  • High precision optical encoders
  • Robust inductive encoders
  • High precision / efficiency motors
  • High performance servo drives
  • High speed air bearing spindles
  • Integrated mechatronic solutions
  • Robotic Tool Changers
  • Force/Torque Sensors
  • Material Removal Tools
  • Utility Couplers
  • Manual Tool Changers
  • Compliance Devices
  • Robotic Collision Sensors