Aligning Products and Supply Chain with Sustainability

Product Development: R&D Investments help make the World Sustainable

For Novanta, technology and sustainability do not represent a contradiction, but rather two sides of the same coin. In order to make our world more sustainable, we need constantly improved technological solutions. Our research and development teams focus on performance, precision, and safety, on the one hand, and the sustainable development of solutions that are durable, save energy, and ensure material efficiency, on the other.

To secure our innovative strength and be successful in the high–growth markets that we address, we employ 500 engineers and invested 10.3% of our sales in research and development in 2020. Our investments have resulted in 28% of our sales in 2020 being achieved with new products. A further testament to Novanta’s strength in research and development is that we own more than 400 patents.


R&D Investment

Vitality Index

Quality Strategy: Certifications to Global Standards

Novanta is active in markets where maximum product quality is essential. Our quality strategy is to consistently pursue our quality progress and to achieve or maintain certifications to global standards including ISO 9001, 14001, or 13485 or their respective national version, such as EN, DIN, and BS. This applies to both medical and non–medical businesses.

Novanta medical technology businesses comply with, and are audited to, international standards like ISO 9001 and/or ISO 13485. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) follow ISO 13485 and consider all applicable requirements of legal authorities. The products have necessary global registrations such as FDA, CFDA, PMDA, CE, and ANVISA. Notified bodies, authorized officers, and customers audit Novanta on a frequent basis.

ESG-compliant Procurement

We at Novanta are committed to conducting business with and to sourcing materials and components from responsible suppliers who meet the highest legal and ethical standards. To assist suppliers in meeting Novanta’s expectations, our Supplier Code of Conduct provides basic guidelines for business conduct. Our Supplier Code of Conduct is applicable to any entity providing products, people, or services to Novanta, and where applicable, the personnel of the supplier and its subcontractors and agents. Novanta expects suppliers to sign our Supplier Code of Conduct, comply with these guidelines, and always exercise good judgment in applying them to their conduct as a Novanta supplier.