Corporate Sustainability Overview


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Strategy and Organization

As a global leader in key technology solutions, Novanta takes responsibility for its environment and the communities in which it operates, and for the people who work for and with the company. Novanta combines technical and economic progress with social and environmental responsibility – for the well-being of future generations, as well as for achieving its business goals now and in the future.

Sustainability is not an end in itself but a means to a win-win outcome for both Novanta and our stakeholders. Investors, customers and prospective employees alike are increasingly taking corporate sustainability criteria into account in their decisions, so that a company that operates responsibly gains a competitive advantage. This is one of the reasons why Novanta prioritizes sustainability. The Novanta Leadership Team, headed by the CEO, is responsible for our ESG strategic orientation and management review. Teams at the business unit and location level are responsible for implementing guidelines and monitoring compliance. Novanta’s success through good Governance, Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility will further enhance the success of our employees, customers and suppliers.

Management Approach

Novanta integrates corporate sustainability at all levels of business activity and sets ambitious targets. This serves to protect people and the environment, as well as create sustained economic growth, increased productivity and innovative, high-performance products. Our management system reflects the Novanta values and helps us to achieve our business objectives.

The Corporate Sustainability department controls the company-wide management system, which is outlined in a comprehensive framework based on the Sustainability Policy. It serves as our commitment to a culture of continuous improvement and to maintain the highest standards. The sustainability strategy identifies the key areas of our activities. From this, we derive corresponding action plans, initiatives, reporting obligations and company-wide goals. All relevant stakeholders receive appropriate training to familiarize them on the key topics and provide them with the necessary expertise.


At Novanta we believe that our employees are the most important asset of the company, and we offer them a wide range of benefits to improve their lives and those of their families. For example, it is part of our philosophy to pay our employees fair wages and to provide them with training and development opportunities.

Novanta has developed a corporate culture in which diversity and inclusion, dignity and respect are lived and lead by example. We strictly oppose any form of discrimination and maintain compliance with the relevant laws and standards including human rights, child labor, and labor rights.

We expect our employees to live Novanta’s values in their everyday work, and to conduct themselves ethically at all times. In order to promote the health of our employees and ensure a safe work environment, many of our production sites worldwide have also established management systems in accordance with relevant ISO standards.


For Novanta, technology and sustainability are not a contradiction, but two sides of the same coin. To make our world more sustainable, we need constantly improving technological solutions. As a leading supplier of key technology solutions for medical and advanced industrial equipment, we make contributions to sustainability on a global scale.

We combine expertise in photonics, vision and precision motion with a proven ability to solve complex technical challenges. Our medical products help our customers to enhance people’s lives and to reduce healthcare costs. Our industrial products enable our customers to improve productivity and achieve breakthrough performance in demanding applications. We deliver innovations that matter that also contribute to the sustainable development of our society.

Our research and development teams focus on performance, precision and safety, as well as developing durable, energy-saving and material-efficient solutions.


Novanta is active in markets where maximum product quality is essential. Our quality strategy is to consistently pursue our quality progress and to achieve or maintain certifications following standards like ISO 9001, 14001 or 13485 or their respective national version (like EN, DIN, BS). All Novanta businesses maintain quality management system certifications. Some of our manufacturing plants are certified according to ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Selling medical technology products requires compliance with laws and regulations everywhere we operate. Novanta businesses that develop products for medical applications comply with and are audited by international standards like ISO 13458 and ISO 9001. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) follow ISO 13485 and consider all relevant requirements of legal authorities.

Our products all have important global registrations such as FDA, CFDA, PMDA, CE, ANVISA. Notified bodies, authorized officers and customers are auditing Novanta frequently. Responsibilities are described within the Quality Management system. Implementation and application of the Quality Management system covers product life cycle through guidelines, SOPs, work instructions and infrastructure.