CEO Sustainability Statement

We are on our Way

At Novanta, our vision is to deliver innovations that matter to our customers and enhance people’s lives. Our commitment to making a difference and to sustainable business practices is embedded in our culture, in our product development and manufacturing processes, and in our overall business model. Every day, we take responsibility for the people who work for and with us, the communities in which we operate, and our environment.

This responsibility and commitment are engrained in our culture, which we call the Novanta Way. It starts with cohesive teams that are collaborative, inclusive, and diverse, and that are aligned around the Novanta vision, mission, and strategy. We all live our Novanta values in our everyday work as these values provide the foundation for how we interact with our key stakeholders and with each other. We deliver on our values and strategic objectives through the Novanta Growth System, which is a common set of tools and processes for continuous improvement. We use these tools to produce a more sustainable, predictable, and successful Novanta.

We have been taking steady steps in the past few years to build the Novanta Way, which includes fostering a diverse and inclusive culture. But we recognize that we need to accelerate our efforts. One of our aspirations is to reflect the diversity in the communities where we work, the customers we serve, and the world in which we live. We continue to invest in our culture, and its diversity and inclusion, and to cement this effort as one of our Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

Our corporate sustainability efforts are not new. Throughout our company, we have pursued various efforts over the past few years. But what is new is that we are putting all these efforts under one umbrella and executing them in a more focused and coordinated manner, which we hope will yield more meaningful and measurable results. Our employees, customers, and shareholders expect nothing less.

The information in this sustainability section highlights our actions to date. It is part of our commitment to be transparent, or in Novanta–speak, to “be real”, which is one of our core values. We are on our way and excited to incorporate sustainability initiatives into our day–to–day work and to ensure our efforts make a positive impact today and for future generations.

Matthijs Glastra
Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer

We take responsibility for our environment, the communities in which we operate, and for the people who work for and with us