Wanted: Someone just like you!

If you enjoy working in a motivated team as well as working on different tasks every day, have a look at our current job openings or reach out to our recruiters. Hear from several of our team members about working at Novanta Germany:

Bernd, Senior Sales Director, EMEA Photonics
“The variety of applications of the products we represent is just fantastic. I also appreciate our wonderful team and the collaboration based on trust with all colleagues. Open communication and trust are important.

Novanta offers an area of technology which interests me, a sustainable style of leadership and plenty of freedom for designing my work.”

Julia, Application Engineer
“The application process was always very friendly and open right from the initial contact. There was plenty of time and all questions were addressed. I immediately felt I was in good hands.

Novanta is no cookie-cutter job as no two days are alike. The challenges are more of a technical nature when customer specific problems need to be solved, some of which are new or unexpected.”

Malte, Manager, Applications and Service, Photonics
“I do not have a typical working day, nor would I want it. With responsibility for the application and the service area in our photonics sector, I am always the one to talk to when something fails to go as planned.

From internal processes through swift solutions to problems with customer systems to predevelopment of new laser applications, I have the pleasure of handling several exciting fields of activity every day.

Companies need fixed routines and structures. Individual solutions and flexibility are important for employees. My task is to unite both. Through clear and open communication of goals and requirements on both sides, we can evolve both as a team and individually.”

Marie, Team Leader, Customer Care
“My teams need to be able to refer to common processes, so that there is a real exchange even between different business units. I consider this is my job to help this happen, and to keep the spirits up.

To listen and to exchange openly with the teams is crucial. The support from other business entities is very important, so is the dialogue. The idea is: there is a lot of hard work to do, but we love doing it, and everybody can find the support they need by their management.

Novanta is a big company, with locations worldwide, but curiously, it also gives the feeling we all know each other. There’s real company spirit, a willingness to progress together.”

Ullas, Field Sales Engineer
“I chose Novanta because it is a group of innovative companies grouped together to change the world.

I read a bit about this company before I joined, and I have a feeling that this company internally offers lots of opportunities for development and growth for the employees. All the individual companies under Novanta umbrella are integrated with common systems and processes, but at the same time have their own identity and flexibility like startups.”